• Note from Fia

    As a pediatric speech-language pathologist, and a mommy myself, I understand how exciting it is when your child starts to communicate, says his or her first words, takes his or her first steps, or reaches a developmental milestone. I also understand how hard it can be to watch your child struggle and have difficulty communicating his or her wants and needs. My job is to help a child communicate in the most effective way possible, which helps alleviate stress and frustration for the family unit as a whole. As a mindfulness teacher, I also incorporate many of these strategies into my sessions, which helps both the child and family alike communicate with a greater sense of presence and self-awareness.


    I absolutely love what I do. I understand that each child is unique and learns differently. What works for one child does not necessarily work for another. I think being a good therapist means being adaptable and flexible while making each session fun! Working with families and empowering them to play an active role is an essential part of the therapy process. No one can help a child more than his or her parents, and together we can help your child become the best communicator he or she can be!

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  • Services

    Speech and language therapy treats individuals who exhibit speech and/or language-based communication disorders. I utilize a combination of techniques, including traditional speech and language therapy, PROMPT therapy, oral-motor therapy, and various other techniques in order to help your child with his or her speech and language needs. I specialize in treatment for:


    -Articulation disorders

    -Receptive and expressive language disorders

    -Phonological delays

    -Oral-motor delays and disorders

    -Socio-pragmatic delays

    -Language-based learning disabilities (reading, spelling, and writing)

    - Voice disorders



    As a mindfulness teacher, I incorporate many mindfulness-based practices and activities into my sessions. From breath work to focus activities, mindfulness-based practices improve a child's attention, self-awareness, ability to learn, as well as their overall communication and social communication skills. I also offer:

    - Mindfulness-based classes and workshops for children and parents

    For more information on Fia as a mindfulness teacher, please visit: www.kindfullywithfia.com


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  • About Fia

    I grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where I attended The Hewitt School and began fostering my love for education. I then went on to Boston College, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I chose to become a speech-language pathologist because the field serves as a marriage between science and communication - it is both academic and personal in nature. I received my Masters in speech at Hunter College as an Emma Allen Scholar. It was fascinating to study the process a child goes through when learning language. Children essentially become masters of their native tongue by the time they are three or four; it is truly an amazing feat!


    I am a compassionate, kind and patient person. Making others feel comfortable has always been one of my strengths, which is a quality that lends itself perfectly to this field. After becoming a licensed speech-language pathologist, I worked for an agency and did a combination of home-care and preschool work. Becoming pregnant with my son was the motivating factor I needed to transition to private practice.


    It has been incredible to use all of the skills I have learned throughout my career with my own son. He started showing receptive language skills at 3 months old, when he would kick a toy directly after I would tell him to “kick,” and by 5 months old he was able to turn the page of a book at my direction. Watching my child thrive and grow as a result of direct instruction has motivated me even more as a therapist. I strive to provide my clients with the same patience, attention, support, and care that I give my own child. I absolutely love what I do: helping children to communicate, watching them thrive and grow, and seeing the impact that our work in therapy has on the family as a whole - these all make my career so fulfilling.


    I believe that every child learns differently; what works for one child does not necessarily work for another. My goal is to help each child excel by providing a supportive, safe, fun, and encouraging environment that is tailored to meet his or her individual needs. Creating a support network by collaborating and working closely with parents, teachers and other service providers (if any exist) is essential in order to maximize a child’s speech and language success. I believe that no one can make a greater impact than a parent who plays an active role in their child's therapy process. I work to arm parents with the skill set they need to confidently support their child’s communication goals at home. Together, we can help your child flourish and communicate in the best way he or she can!


    Credentials, Certifications, and Achievements


    -Florida State Licensure & New York State Licensure

    -Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

    -Master's Degree in Speech-language Pathology from Hunter College

    -Minfulness Teacher ( LFY Certification Program and Dr. Christopher Willard Growing Up Mindful certification)

    -PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) Trained

    -TSSLD Certified (Teachers of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities)

    -Published in the field on the topic of ethics regarding informed consent in Communications Quarterly Journal (August 2014)

    -Emma Allen Scholar during Master's Program at Hunter College

    -Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston College in 2005

    -Received Outstanding Communications for my major at Boston College (2005) and was inducted into Pi Delta Phi National French Honor Society (2004)

    -Graduated high school from The Hewitt School in New York (2001)

  • Testimonials

    From loving parents...

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    When Fia started working with our son, he was almost four years old and could not say any of his consonants other than “p” or “b” on occasion. No one could understand him outside of the immediate family. My son did not want to work with a speech therapist, as he had bad experiences before. However, Fia was patient, kind, animated, and so much fun. My son took to her right away. She “hid” the work in games and books he loved so he never really felt like he was “doing speech.” A few months later, teachers and family friends were able to understand him. He was so proud of his speech. We have Fia to thank for the amazing progress he has made!" – Kate and Peter


    "Fia has helped my daughter, Ali, for almost a year. I hired Fia because my daughter had some articulation issues that needed fixing, but what I didn’t realize was that my daughter also had a slight language delay that Fia caught almost immediately. She worked on her language at the same time that she worked on my daughter’s articulation needs. Fia also introduced mindfulness practices into our speech sessions. This helped my daughter become more confident and self-aware. Fia was kind and patient, and really wanted my daughter to succeed. My daughter was always excited when Fia was coming because she was able to make therapy fun. I am hoping my younger son does not need speech, but if he does, Fia will definitely be working with him!" - Lisa


    "When my daughter began working with Fia at age 5, she was really struggling with articulation and presented an open mouth posture making it difficult to produce multiple sounds correctly. Right from the start, Fia gained Ava’s respect and taught her that learning can be fun. Fia helped redirect her attention often to focus on the speech therapy and we saw great progress throughout the year. Speech with Fia was not only successful and fun, but my daughter also gained confidence, which helped her greatly in school". – Hallie


    "I was so lucky that Fia was the speech therapist for my twins. They progressed so quickly and exceeded their goals. Fia was great about keeping me in the loop with their progress and what they accomplished in each session. She took the time to go over exercises that I could do with my kids at home. Most importantly my twins LOVED Fia and thought their sessions were so much fun that they asked if Fia could come over everyday to help with their speech!" - Margaret R.


    "Fia started helping my son after his teacher recommended speech therapy because he was “not understood by his peers and getting frustrated.” Fia always kept me updated on each session and really allowed me to be a part of the process so I could reinforce what he was learning with her. We saw so much progress and within months my son was much more easily understood! Her work with my son even improved my relationship with him. Fia taught us breathing exercises that we could use as a family to keep us all calm and grounded, which was an unexpected bonus! She cares so much and is so amazing at what she does. I would recommend Fia to any family". - Rebecca


    "Fia has worked with my two sons for over a year. She created a program and goals for each one and thanks to her hard work and dedication they met each goal set for them. She worked with them in our home, but took the time to visit them in their school and kept contact with their teachers on the items they were working on. Fia is extremely smart, reliable, warm, caring and goes out of her way to integrate their interests into her work. They have each grown and improved so much. She is a rare find and we are so happy we met her!" - Allison

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  • FAQ's

    What speech and language Services do you provide?

    I provide:

    -Articulation therapy

    -Language therapy

    -PROMPT therapy

    -Traditional speech and language therapy

    -Social/Pragmatic skills therapy

    - Voice therapy

    -Fluency/Stuttering therapy

    -Parent Counseling and Training

    -Collaboration with other providers

    -Mindfulness workshops and classes


    What ages of children do you work with?

    I work with children of all ages – from the toddler stage all the way through high school!



    Will you come to my house or do you offer online sessions?

    Yes, I will come to your house or have you come to me in the Miami area. I also offer tele-therapy sessions over Zoom for Florida and New York State residents.


    How long is each therapy session?

    Therapy sessions last 45 minutes, unless otherwise specified.


    What does M.S. CCC-SLP mean?

    M.S. is the abbreviation for Masters of Science. A speech-language pathologist requires a masters to work in the field. CCC refers to Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), which is given upon completing a masters in speech-language pathology, passing the PRAXIS or national exam for the field, followed by an accredited clinical fellowship year. SLP is the abbreviation for a speech-language pathologist.


    Are you licensed in Florida and New York State?

    I am a licensed speech-language pathologist in Florida and New York State.


    Do you accept insurance?

    I do not accept insurance. However, I do provide invoices with appropriate coding to submit to insurance for potential reimbursement. Reimbursement depends on the policies of your particular insurance company.


    How long will my child need speech and language therapy?

    Just as each child is different, so is the length of therapy for each child. Duration of services depends on your child’s individual needs, the nature/severity of your child’s difficulties, how quickly he or she learns and integrates new patterns learned in therapy, and how much reinforcement exists at home.


    Can my child have a speech and a language disorder at the same time?

    Yes, your child may present with both a speech sound disorder and a language disorder simultaneously. The two can be treated at the same time. Upon assessment of the child’s speech and language abilities, I will create a treatment plan that will best suit in the needs of your child. Each treatment plan is individualized, as each child is unique!


    Do you incorporate mindfulness into your sessions?

    Yes, I do incorporate mindfulness-based practices and activities into my speech sessions. Mindfulness practices help children to improve awareness and focus, empathy, perspective taking, as well as overall mindful communication and social communication skills. I utilize breathing techniques that help clients to support their speech production and help them bring a sense of calm to their bodies and mind. For more information on Fia's mindfulness classes and workshops, please visit: www.kindfullywithfia.com

  • Contact Information

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